Deep Vellum April Update

We are incredibly honored and excited to announce that Eve Out of Her Ruins has been nominated for the Albertine Prize and the Best Translated Book Award (BTBA)!

The Albertine Prize is a “reader’s choice award for best contemporary French fiction in English translation,” and the BTBA is awarded to “the best works of translated literature that came out the following year.”

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New Releases

This week, we’re celebrating the release of our 25th and 26th books!

The Magician of Vienna and The Outlaw are the captivating final volumes in their respective trilogies, so if you haven’t read the preceding books already, that’s six whole books you can get your hands on.

The Magician of Vienna by influential Mexican writer Sergio Pitol (translated by George Henson) is the courageous final volume of his “Trilogy of Memory,” following The Art of Flight and The Journey. Weaving together fiction and autobiography, Pitol chronicles his life lived in literature as a way to stave off the advancement of a degenerative neurological condition causing him to lose the use of language as he writes this very book, the grand magnum opus crowning his timeless literary career.

The Outlaw, written by Jón Gnarr and translated by Lytton Smith, is the final volume in a trilogy as eccentric, fascinating, and inspiring as its author, following The Indian and The Pirate. Raging with music, poetry, life, loneliness, and questions of right and wrong, Jón, a fourteen-year-old punk rock misfit, is sent to boarding school in the Westfjords region of Iceland, where he decides Crass is the only worthy punk band, discovers an unrequited interest in girls, and chooses drugs and self-harm to cope with mental anguish and intense thoughts of alienation and despair. Jón Gnarr, comedian, actor, and former mayor of Reykjavík, returns to face the dark teenage years with his signature humor and candor in this devastating anthem to what it means to grow up, to fit in, and to stand out.

Deep Vellum subscribers have received The Magician of Vienna and The Outlaw with their names included in the acknowledgements at the end of the books as our way of saying thanks for their support. Every Deep Vellum subscriber and donor receives this acknowledgment, because we do this for you, and could not do this without you.

Subscriptions are always sent weeks ahead of their public onsale dates, another perk of why you should subscribe to Deep Vellum, if you haven’t already!

Upcoming Releases

Here’s some trivia for you: Which Mexican author’s works inspired Gabriel García Márquez to finish writing One Hundred Years of Solitude?

If you guessed Juan Rulfo, you’re right. The hugely-influential author of Pedro Páramo and winner of the Miguel de Cervantes Prize was an author, photographer, and screenwriter whose aforementioned novel led Gabriel García Márquez to keep writing. On the hundredth anniversary of Rulfo’s birth on May 16th, 2017, Deep Vellum will publish The Golden Cockerel & Other Writings, which includes some of his short stories translated into English for the first time.

Another upcoming Deep Vellum release is Not One Day by Anne Garréta, author of Sphinx, winner of the Prix Médicis, and the first Oulipienne to be translated into English. Her upcoming book Not One Day is a monumental addition to queer feminist literature, comparable to the works of Eileen Myles and Jeannette Winterson. The author, in vivid prose, recalls experiences with women who have desired her or whom she has desired, exploring what it means to be a lesbian in a society that is “religiously, catholically, jealously straight.”

If these books aren’t on your reading list, I don’t know what is.

Author Tours & Events

If you’ve ever wanted to meet Bae Suah (author of Recitation, A Greater Music, and more), or Noemi Jaffe (author of What are the Blind Men Dreaming?), now’s your chance!

During April and May, Bae Suah and Noemi Jaffe will be on their respective U.S. tours. One of their tour stops, the PEN World Voices Festival, is the United States’ only international literature festival, which “aims to broaden international dialogue and combat isolationism,” featuring more than 150 authors from around the world. If you’re in New York and love world literature (and, let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you?), this is an incredible opportunity. For more information about the festival and how to attend, visit their website.

For details, check out our events calendar!

Bae Suah U.S. Book Tour

In partnership with the Literature Translation Institute of Korea

Princeton, NJ April 27th, 2017
Princeton University –

Rochester, NY May 1st, 2017
University of Rochester –

Rochester, NY May 1st, 2017
– Nox Cocktail Lounge –

Philadelphia, PA May 2nd, 2017
– Penn Book Center –

Washington, DC May 3rd, 2017
– East City Bookshop –

New York, NY May 4th –May 5th, 2017
– PEN World Voices Festival –

Noemi Jaffe U.S. Book Tour

Los Angeles, CA April 26, 2017
– UCLA –

Dallas, Texas April 28 – 29, 2017
Deep Vellum Bookstore & Dallas Public Library Book Festival –

Dartmouth, MA May 1, 2017
– University of Massachusetts Dartmouth –

Chicago, IL April 30, 2017
– Seminary Co-Op with Susan Harris –

New York, NY May 2, 2017 & May 5, 2017
– PEN World Voices Festival –

Washington, DC May 8, 2017
– Library of Congress with Vivaldo Santos –

Review Highlights

If you’re looking for something awesome to read on your lunch break, check out the latest reviews:

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