Digital Care Packages Now Available

Send a care package to yourself, or to loved ones who happen to be outside your social distance-appropriate bubble, without having to go to the post office. 

Deep Vellum is offering FIVE themed eBook bundles for purchase on our website. For $20, send four Deep Vellum eBooks to someone who desperately needs a literary virtual hug while they stay at home. Hey, you might be that person. That’s okay too. Bundle themes include:

Travel through time and space to explore our world’s history through these gorgeous, wildly different novels, moving from a little-known battle on the US-Mexico border in the 1800s to the intertwined lives of three women in Peru during the height of the Shining Path insurgency.

These novels are bound up in travel to new places: the theory behind leaving home, the places one might go, and the reasons why. Through heartache and adventure, these characters explore memory, place, and discovery.

Take a tour through our catalog of Oulipian authors, loose members of a group who impose structural restrictions on their writing (mathematical, geometric, and beyond) in order to investigate the possibilities of verse.

These books dream of possibilities untold, speculating on bodies and futures that bend the realms of reality and follow exploration beyond the edges of what we know.

Unsure of the above? Tell us a little about the person you’re sending a care package to, and we’ll put together four titles for them. 

2 Responses to Digital Care Packages Now Available

  1. Tira Jorda March 26, 2020 at 12:43 pm #

    I would really like to buy a package for myself. I mostly looking for books about America and/or specifically Texas.

    • Will Evans March 27, 2020 at 7:13 pm #

      Awesome! Feel free to click on “Dealer’s Choice” and purchase a package for yourself. Make sure to note your interests in the order comments section!

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