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Deep Vellum Literary Roundup: March & April 2014

The gears are turning, the magic is working, and the alchemist at the center of Deep Vellum is trying to turn literary dreams into (printed) words. Consider it a translation, if you will. Things are good. The weather in Dallas has been hilarious (80 degrees Saturday, 20 degrees on Sunday), but that’s Texas in the […]

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Mikhail Shishkin on Sochi: “Every regime hides behind the great poets”

Over the weekend, Deep Vellum author Mikhail Shishkin had a piece published in the Wall Street Journal with his take on the Sochi Olympics, “Sochi Olympics: Russian Writer Mikhail Shishkin Holds His Applause” (translated by Cory Merrill). Never one to shy away from condemning the inhumane and insane Putin regime, Shishkin reflects deeply on nationalism and patriotism, […]

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DV Goes German & Translation in the Pacific Standard

Deep Vellum is going to Germany! Courtesy of the fine folks in the German Book Office in New York, Deep Vellum has been invited to participate in this summer’s Editors’ Trip to Germany! For a week in June,  I will get the chance to meet with editors from all of Germany’s many publishing houses across […]

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Good News Update!

Deep Vellum is still busy behind the scenes getting everything ready to launch officially later this year, with the first Deep Vellum book set to appear this fall. And working behind the scenes isn’t so glamorous. It means writing a lot of grants, sending a bunch of emails into the void, hoping for a response, […]

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Read Some Russian Women Poets for #readwomen2014

Following up on my #readwomen2014 update yesterday, Three Percent published a review I wrote of a fantastic collection of poetry published by Zephyr Press: Relocations: 3 Contemporary Russian Women Poets, by Polina Barskova, Anna Glazova, and Maria Stepanova, translated by Catherine Ciepiela, Anna Khasin, and Sibelan Forrester. The collection is quite diverse and offers a little something for […]

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On Small Presses & Translations + 2014: The Year of Reading Women in The Guardian

Following up on the big brouhaha over the “Global Novel” panel from the Jaipur Literature Festival I posted yesterday, The Guardian’s Books section (comfortably nested under the just-broad-enough Culture heading) has posted a couple more articles about trends in translation, independent publishing, and the need to read more women authors that is completely putting to shame our […]

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The Global Novel & Translation Discussion from Jaipur

The Jaipur Literature Festival took place over the weekend, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve never thought about it before: “Jaipur, India has a literary festival?” But The Guardian published a super-fun recap, “Translation in America & American Lit Dissed at Jaipur Literature Festival,”of one of Jaipur’s more interesting panels from the weekend: “The Global […]

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January in Texas

Happy new year, world! It’s gray in Dallas, one of those rare “reading days” that combine a just-right amount of chill and drizzle into a perfect backdrop to snuggle up and read whatever it is you have been wanting to for a while . . . as for me? This morning I started Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah. […]

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Support Deep Vellum on #GivingTuesday!

In honor of #GivingTuesday, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Deep Vellum Publishing this holiday season.    Deep Vellum Tax-Deductible Donation Instructions 1) Go to The Writer’s Garret website: 2) Click “Make a Donation” 3) Specify your donation amount & login to Paypal 4) Click “Special instructions or requests?” and type in “Deep Vellum Publishing” 5) Submit payment.  […]

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Anne F. Garréta in Words Without Borders

Our very own Anne F. Garréta has an awesome essay on reading Proust, “To sleep, perchance to dream” (translated by Daniel Levin Becker), in the new Oulipo issue of Words Without Borders. Check it out! I have long suspected that the public, exoteric text of Remembrance of Things Past is a fake. A skillful fake, […]

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