A Strange Woman


By Leylâ Erbil

Translated by Nermin Menemencioğlu

The pioneering debut novel by one of Turkey’s most radical female authors tells the story of an aspiring intellectual in a complex, modernizing country.

Publication Date: Spring 2021 (Date TBA)

Paperback: 9781646050123

eBook: 9781646050130



In English at last: the first novel by a Turkish woman to ever be nominated for the Nobel. A Strange Woman is the story of Nermin, a young woman and aspiring poet growing up in Istanbul. Nermin frequents coffeehouses and underground readings, determined to immerse herself in the creative, anarchist youth culture of Turkey’s capital; however, she is regularly thwarted by her complicated relationship to her parents, members of the old guard who are wary of Nermin’s turn toward secularism.

In four parts, A Strange Woman narrates the past and present of a Turkish family through the viewpoints of the main characters involved. This rebellious, avant-garde novel tackles sexuality, the unconscious, and psychoanalysis, all through the lens of modernizing 20th-century Turkey. Deep Vellum brings this long-awaited translation of the debut novel by Turkey’s first feminist writer to US readers.

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“How odd that a writer who first started making her mark in 1956 should remain a pioneer still today… How odd that, even after half a century, no writer capable of surpassing her has yet appeared…” – Mahmut Temizyürek

Leylâ Erbil is a consummate literary artist.” – Turkish National Committee for UNESCO

Nominated for the Nobel Prize for “her mastery in Turkish language and literature, her unique world that she creates in her works through her creative language and the universality of this world, her contribution to arts and also her sensitive intellectual manners for ordinary people, life, and world.” – Turkey PEN