Ballroom Harry: Volume II


By Harry Goaz

This collection of abstract, playful photos by elusive Twin Peaks actor Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy) follows his life back into the spotlight with the return of the show in 2017.

Publication Date: Fall 2020

Paperback: 9781646050048

eBook: 9781646050055



Ballroom Harry: Volume II picks up Goaz’s trail as he re-emerges to work with David Lynch on Twin Peaks: The Return and reclaim the life of a working actor. This first collection follows Goaz’s journey back to the role of Deputy Andy and a reassessment of his relationship with the character.

Much like Goaz’s apprehension to do a “normal” interview, he has little interest in taking straight-on shots of the glamorous scenes within which he finds himself. Instead, Goaz tells the story slant; these photos are deceptively calm and minimalist but display hints of something electric just beyond view. These snapshots, further contextualized by the immediately of the iPhone with which he documents, are more a mirror of the man himself than anything he might say.

Inside this enigma, the viewer begins to understand why so many have taken to Harry’s social media to understand his persona, all while Goaz remains happily exclusive. Ballroom Harry: Volume II marks Harry Goaz not just as an actor, but as a photographer and consummate observer.

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Paperback, eBook


“I am totally floored… Following [Harry Goaz’s] output is a small glimpse behind the curtain of a fascinating person.” – J. Reimer, Director