Bride and Groom


By Alisa Ganieva
Translated from the Russian by Dr. Carol Apollonio

Runner-up for 2015 Russian Booker Prize

A multilayered, magical story of love and fate as two modern city-dwellers grapple with traditional family expectations to find happiness.

Publication Date: March 27, 2018

Paperback: 9781941920596
Ebook: 9781941920602





From one of the most exciting voices in modern Russian literature, Alisa Ganieva, comes Bride and Groom, the tumultuous love story of two young city-dwellers who meet when they return home to their families in rural Dagestan. When traditional family expectations and increasing religious and cultural tension threaten to shatter their bond, Marat and Patya struggle to overcome obstacles determined to keep them apart, while fate seems destined to keep them together until the very end.

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Paperback, eBook


• Longlisted for the Read Russia 2020 Prize

• One of the Globe & Mail’s 100 Best Books of 2018 RBTH (Russia Beyond The Headlines) includes Bride & Groom on its list of 7 Russian books translated in 2018 you have to read 

• One of the Asian Review of Books’ top books of 2018

• Author Alisa Ganieva wrote an op-ed for The New York Times on the revisionist history of Russia (12-03-18)

• Included in Strand Bookstore’s “Best of Small Press” shelf in Manhattan NYC, shared via Facebook by Alisa Ganieva (11-06-18)

“The book is wonderfully transportive, and while full of beautifully rendered details of North Caucasian landscapes and traditional familial connection, it’s set against the unmistakable backdrop of the post-Soviet world; Marat’s role as a lawyer looking into the ghoulish murder of a human rights activist smacks of specificities that define some of post-Soviet Russia’s darkest moments. Most pertinent of all is the theme of generational divide which undergirds much of the drama between the characters. Though set in the traditional confines of a largely Muslim North Caucasus, this divide is a microcosm for a very real wedge between two distinct generations in Russia today, a wedge that’s become a powerful force in struggles from music consumption and social media, to what the future of Russian politics will look like.” – Nadia Beard, The Calvert Journal

World Literature Today includes Bride & Groom in their list of Contemporary Russian-Language Literature to read right now (3-29-19)

“much as they try, [the characters’] individual stories are mere fodder for the dysfunctional social order built on systemic corruption and terror.” – Olga Zilberbourg, World Literature Today