A Life of My Own


By Donna Wilhelm

An inspiring personal memoir of self-discovery from leading philanthropist and arts advocate Donna Wilhelm.

Hardcover: 9781941920916

eBook: 9781941920923

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An evocative, immersive memoir that charts the personal evolution of an American philanthropic thought leader and arts advocate. A Life of My Own follows the author’s journey from girlhood to the woman she would become. Wilhelm reveals her unique upbringing, diverse work history, family challenges and journey of personal growth with unbridled honesty and narrative energy. When life on the outside seemed under control, her inner life was in turmoil. A search for self-realization explores lies and deception about her origins, and a quest for truth and understanding that ultimately shapes a woman with profound purpose and mission. Donna Wilhelm’s memoir will inspire future generations to take ownership of their own life choices and stories as they travel with her on a journey as universal as it is empowering.

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