At the Lucky Hand, aka The Sixty-Nine Drawers


By Goran Petrović

Translated by Peter Agnone

An award-winning Serbian novel that explores what it means to read and be a reader–ultimately acting as a love letter to the power of literature.

Publication date: September 1, 2020

Paperback: 9781646050147

eBook: 9781646050154



At The Lucky Hand is an account of the different love stories that revolve around a very peculiar book: My Legacy, by Anastas Branica. Upon first glance, My Legacy is a text suspiciously unworthy of obsession: there are no plot or characters to be found. However, the book’s author is uninterested in a typical reading. Instead, he has created a world outside of time and space that can only be inhabited by its readers, which Anastas has written in order to connect with his beloved.

Through At the Lucky Hand, Petrović calls upon the traditions of Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino to posit the mythical theory of “simultaneous reading”, in which it is possible to coincide with other people in the same book, thereby living beyond what is simply written. Within this experience of reading-while-reading, participants are able to access a meeting place that is outside of reality. How else, asks Petrović, can we describe what happens to us when love is incarnated in the reading that two strangers perform at the same time, hoping that time will be abolished by the mere fact of fixing their gaze on a page?

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“Goran Petrović proves to be a master of lyrical storytelling and dreaming.” – Jovan Delic, juror for Ivo Andrić Grand Prize for Lifetime Achievement