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Congo as Fiction: Art Worlds Between Past & Present (Zurich)

Today, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is world famous for its vibrant art scene. Nowhere else in Africa is artistic creativity so diverse, inventive, and at the pulse of time. However, in the past, too, the Congo produced impressive masks, figures, and designer pieces, many of them today icons of African art. Now, for the first time, historical works and photographs are juxtaposed with contemporary artworks in an exhibition on the art of the Congo. In an attempt to avoid a biased Western view of Congolese art, Congo as Fiction shifts renowned contemporary artists from the Congo into the limelight, including Sammy Baloji, Michèle Magema, Monsengo Shula, and Sinzo Aanza. The exhibition shows how artists – past as well as present – critically deal with the impacts of colonialism, missionaries, and global trade.

Fiston Mwanza Mujila, represented by Deep Vellum in translation by Roland Glasser, has composed a Luba-style memorial chant (kasala) which is to be premiered on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition on 21 November at 6 pm.

Find more details about the show on Museum Rietberg’s website.

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