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Donna Wilhelm at Arts & Letters Live

Peggy Wallace Kennedy & Donna Wilhelm in conversation with Krys Boyd of KERA

Doors will open at 7pm. The event begins at 7:30pm.

A Life of My Own follows Donna Wilhelm’s path from a lonely child in an immigrant boarding house to corporate wife and mother, to middle-aged divorcee, and finally her reinvention into a philanthropist, arts advocate, and humanitarian. This evocative memoir reveals her unique upbringing, diverse work history, family challenges and journey of personal growth with unbridled honesty and will inspire others to take ownership of their stories. Peggy Wallace Kennedy, seen as the “symbol of racial reconciliation” (Washington Post), is the daughter of one of America’s most virulent segregationists, former governor of Alabama and presidential candidate George Wallace, who ultimately renounced his views at the end of his life. Wallace Kennedy’s powerful memoir The Broken Road is both timely and timeless and speaks to change, atonement, activism, and racial healing.

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Jung Young Moon at the Texas Book Festival (Austin)

Dropped in Texas: International Perspectives On the Lone Star State

Korean cult writer Jung Young Moon (Seven Samurai Swept Away in a River) attended an artist and writer’s residency in small-town Texas where he set out to understand what a “true Texan should know.” Award-winning filmmaker and playwright Severo Perez (Odd Birds) sends the character in his new novel, a seventy-year-old Cuban-born artist, to Texas in pursuit of a lover, only to find himself stranded in San Antonio. The mythology of Texas plays out on the pages of these unique literary works, each one offering an outsider’s perspective on the strong identity and traditions of the Lone Star State.

Panel scheduled at 3pm. Signing to follow.

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