Deep Vellum is accepting submissions for future works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and translations from anybody and everybody. At this time we are interested in contemporary literature (high literary fiction and creative nonfiction) preferably by living authors, men and women alike, from all countries and language groups. Especially by writers from Texas or writing about Texas.

Submissions/Partnerships/Donor Relations: Will Evans
Marketing, Sales, & Publicity: Sara Balabanlilar
A Strange Object: Jill Meyers
Review Copy Requests/General Inquiries: Will & Sara
Distribution: Consortium Book Sales & Distribution

Sponsorship / Series Funding

If you are interested in learning more about donation opportunities, sponsoring a book in translation, or opportunities for acknowledgement at various donor levels, please email Will Evans.

Send love letters, recommendations, books in any language, or just come visit our offices & enjoy a coffee with us in our sister bookstore Deep Vellum Books:

Deep Vellum
3000 Commerce St.
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